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Relaxation Massage

Enjoy the bliss of this physically and mentally soothing full body treatment. This is a gentle massage that uses smooth and gliding strokes to help you dissolve stresses and strains.
60 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

This intensive deep massage is designed to target specific aches and pains. It helps stimulate the rush of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood into precise areas to soothe tight, tired and aching muscles.
1 hour & 15 minutes


Back Massage
This 30 minutes back treatment targets on the back muscles, neck and shoulders. It is a good way to relieve both upper and lower back pains. It also helps reduce the pain of migraines. 30 minutes
Breast Massage
Science shows that breast massage actually help fight cancer. It can also bring more benefits such as increase breast size, prevent sagging and even has been proven to decrease stress and depression.This 40 minutes unique treatment can help you look young and increase pleasure. 40 minutes

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