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Signature Facial Treatment

Our signature facial is customized for your skin type and skin care concerns. We use specific skin care products and unique techniques to balance, nourish and protect your face. This treatment includes a face, neck and shoulder massage which brings you both beauty and relaxation experience.

Hydrating Facial

Deeply hydrate your face and leave skin more plump and supple.
60 minutes

Calm Skin Facial

Calm and soothes irritated skin with natural products. Helps calm sensitive skin and rosacea.
60 minutes

Firm Skin Facial

Tightens and lifts your skin with anti-aging products. It balances the skin leaving it toned and firmed.
60 minutes

Clear Skin Facial

It is the best way to tighten pores, reduce redness and inflammation. It also helps prevent future breakouts.
60 minutes


Back Massage
This 30 minutes back treatment targets on the back muscles, neck and shoulders. It is a good way to relieve both upper and lower back pains. It also helps reduce the pain of migraines. 30 minutes
Eye Treatment
This is a intensive eye treatment to soften fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Dark circles and puffiness are reduced. It is done together with a facial session to achieve a holistic pampering facial experience.

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